Credit Card Guarantee

With many online reservations; guests enter their credit card details as guarantee. After confirmation, an email is auto-sent to the property but does not include the credit card details. The Accommodation Provider has to retrieve and print credit card details from the Booking Engine control menu. We recommend that when the property receives this booking pre authorisation is sought from the credit card company for the cancellation fee.

The Accommodation Provider then has the choice of either:

(a) Holding credit card details on file for use in the event of cancellation/no show.(b) Clearing a credit card deposit 'manually' through their credit card merchant..

(c) Obtaining an authorisation code for a credit card payment, from their credit card merchant without actually clearing it.

IMPORTANT - whichever method used it is important that this is correctly set up under guarantee policies in the web booking engine control menu.

We recommend Accommodation Providers use this process until receiving significant numbers of reservations. In our opinion, The Accommodation Provider need to be receiving at least 60 reservations minimum per month to justify investing money in real-time credit card processing that is managed using a payment gateway for instant processing of payments.