GDS - Private label (your own GDS code)

A chain code is a two-letter code used by the GDS to identify the chain or GDS representation company a property belongs to.

Refer GDS - using your property codes for more detail

We believe that having your own GDS code is only suitable if you have a minimum 50 properties that are producing reasonable number of bookings through GDS. The major benefit is to building brand awareness since it empowers you to control your own marketing messages and promote chain standards / loyalty programs for your properties.

There are many factors in deciding whether to have a private-label GDS chain code. You should approach your representation company to establish the costs and which codes are available.

2 things to consider in making this decision:

1. Do you have a significant marketing budget to promote your private chain code.

2. Can you meet the GDS transaction minimums? These minimums will be advised when your representation company advises you the costs.

The example below shows Best Western using the private label code 'BW' and some of their property GDS codes that are all preceded by BW (the chain code) on each GDS.

As explained on our main GDS page the global GDS providers are as shown below. They are known under different names in different regions.