Website videos

Video is a powerful tool on a website and YouTube is a search engine used by millions worldwide.

Statistics also show that while people will spend minimal amount of time on a website, they are willing to spend more time watching a short video of interest. Following are tips on how to optimize your videos to achieve higher rankings on the search results of Google and YouTube:

> Video Quality: Ensure your videos are relevant and informative for your target audience. Videos should be clear, understandable, memorable and short.

> Video Title: Create a title relevant to your target audience and the subject area the video is about. Keywords should be included in the video title, description, tags and file name to maximise being found with SEO.

> Transcript: Include keywords or phrases in the transcript to maximise being found with SEO.

> Video Length: Make sure your video is direct and to the point, with all the information you want to present included. People do not want to sit through a lengthy video.

> Host & Embed: As mentioned earlier, YouTube is the second largest search engine. Opening an account is free and easy to use. Once that is completed, you can then proceed to embed your videos on your website again this helps being found with SEO

> Video Sitemap: Submit a video sitemap to Google to make sure that the search engine can find your video content and index it.