GDS - Corporate Rates

Corporate rates are reduced price for rooms for business clients. The reduction / discount is normally a minimum ten percent reduction to the regular selling rate. These rates are offered to get business travelers into the hotel on production of their business card.

The business traveler who gets a good deal is likely to tell colleagues about it, which brings more business to the hotel. They are more likely to return on a future trip, either for business or pleasure, the next time they're in town. They will also be likely to recommend the hotel to fellow employees, friends and family.

With many hotels, getting a corporate discount, or business traveler discount, is as simple as requesting it. You don't have to be part of a big corporation; just explain that you are there on business and that you may be able to bring future business to the hotel. Most hotels will offer you that reduced rate.

Larger companies that regularly book hotel rooms for their employees usually set up a negotiated corporate rate and you may have to show your employee identification in order to get that lower rate. These bookings are made through the Travel Agencies they deal with. Many hotels will honor that corporate rate even if you are not there on a business trip, as long as you show your company ID. And another nice benefit is that the corporate rate is often honored at any of their locations around the world, whether you are travelling for business or pleasure.

Hotels often have discounted rates available for guests who make reservations online, and the business rate or hotel corporate rate may be available from their website. Advertise on your website that you offer business travellers corporate rates.

Negotiated corporate rates are an important revenue source for many Hoteliers today. The following video courtesy of a Sabre company shows how leading corporations use online corporate management solutions today.