CM - Channel Manager

Channel Manager (CM) is essential for properties today for effective distribution of rates and inventory. Trying manual processes will mean lost business and revenues. Humans cannot accurately enter the appropriate rates and inventory on multiple database and maintain rate parity accurately and it’s time consuming.

A Channel Manager enables your property team to maintain the hotel's rate and availability distribution across multiple OTA extranets quickly and accurately. Examples of extranet O.T.A.'s are Orbitz,, (Qantas), Rates to Go and many more. For more information about extranet affiliates click here.

Channel Manager easily controls all your distribution channels including Global Distribution system (GDS) and web booking engine.

Many Channel Managers are controlled from one menu (dashboard) that also manages competitor rate comparisons and reputation management tools.

Today's on-line distribution channels are complex - below a small part of a BIG picture that existed 2016 and is always changing:

Today's distribution is complex - below a small part of a BIG picture.