Preparing opening a new Property

Opening a new property can be complex process and needs careful planning.

Click here for checklist that may help with your planning pre-opening for I.T.

On the I.T. side you need to decide well ahead of your opening date:

  1. P.M.S. Watch the extra costs like support and training fees.

  2. P.O.S. for any sales outlets such as spa and restaurants.

  3. Channel Manager - essential for easy and effective distribution of rates

  4. Internet Booking Engine managed by the Channel Manager to maximize direct bookings.

  5. Consider interfaces with other systems if required. e.g. Spa Management system.

Make sure your PMS is interfaced with all systems your property uses. Saving time, allowing your team to pay most attention to your most important revenue source - your guests.

Your team can access PMS anywhere & anytime from smart devices: