BASIC FOR Website creation

Check the short video at the bottom of this page with 22 tips for a Hotel website.

It's useful to understand the basics for website creation. Having said this, we strongly recommend any business get a professional website design company to create your website. This provider should empower you to easily make changes to any information by providing access to a content management system.

The 5 essential steps launching a website are:

Step 1. Register a Domain Name (www / url)

A domain name is essential. This address allows visitors to find your site on the internet. There are many registrars including www.namecheapcom, and . Typical domain costs can be USD $12 per year.

Step 2. Plan your website and hosting

Your website data (images, videos, text etc.) must be stored somewhere online and this is called web hosting. The domain name mentioned above is ‘pointed to’ the web hosting server using what are called DNS addresses. (DNS = domain name server)

Step 3. Build your Website

Content management system (CMS) makes website creation and management easy today. You don’t need to go back to the person who built your website every time you need to make a change. CMS enables users to quickly and easily create, add and edit information. Many CMS today also provide the hosting and domain name registration described in steps 1 and 2 above.

Step 4. Add Website content

Content includes text, images, video, audio, downloads, etc. It’s fact that ‘content is king’ so ensure good quality content.

The basics you should have ready for your website creation include:

> A brief description of your business.

> Your unique sales proposition - why should someone come back to your website?

> Your business location and contact details.

> A brief description of each product or service your business offers

> Error checking – check all with a spell checker.

> Make sure each link works correctly.

> Contact details are shown.

> Have at least 3 people proof read all pages.

> Ask a few people unfamiliar with your business for feedback about the website.

> Get your website indexed by the major search engines

Step 5. Make the site https

Essential today for effective SEO ranking. Google Chrome makes sites that are not https less visible in searches. Click the image below for more information about https.